Gird Up!

Today in church, our pastor was preaching on ridding yourself of those pesky, pesty thoughts that come shooting in, you know the type, I’m sure.  As we turned to Peter to look at the verse that says “to gird up the loins of your mind”, I felt like I needed to look up the Greek word that was translated “loins”.  One of the explanations of the word was that the loins was considered the procreative center. By plugging that definition into the verse, it would read like this, “strengthen the creative portion of your mind”!  In today’s world we get distracted by our Facebook, computer games, texting, tweeting and then there is all the “normal” distractions of life.  Creativity takes and is resigned to a long sleep in the back seat.  As I pondered and talked to Milea,  I could see that the Father wants us to be creative, because in those creative moments He can step in and help us in the native creativity that each of us are gifted in.  It may be writing, art, music, cooking or inventing (or any number of things).

We often look for Him to step into our circumstances and help us in our life or money making activities, but reject a possible route for Him to get involved.  How do you strengthen your “loins” (creativity)?  You use it!   You practice it!  I know that the more I write, the quicker and more diverse ideas come.  Pondering on ideas, for me anyway, brings better and sometimes unique solutions.

Exercise your creativity!

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Lets get Newed… (pronounced nōōd as in food)

As I was watching the news this morning a Progressive Insurance ad came on, although I had seen it fifty times before I really SAW it for the first time today.  Take a look.

I had always observed the change in the wife, daughter and the two guys on the couch, but never really noticed the whole house shift, including the family picture, to the all “Progressive white”.

Some of us can temporarily control ourselves and seemingly cause change, others get frustrated because they feel inept by their lack of self control.  True change can only come from our Savior that saves and makes us new .

2Cor 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

In Hebrews it also says… Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

As we focus and center on Him, instead of ourselves changes, newness and the new “Godly White” will happen (maybe not as fast as we may like, but it will happen).  If you rely on the “I wills” or “I musts” you’ll fall short and then what will you do? If we could save ourselves then why did we need Jesus? It is in letting Him do the saving and repair of your temple that the true salvation shows up.

To quote the actor on the couch, “I’m lookin at it”.


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DIY Homeowners Beware!

As a hands on contractor, I have come across some “interesting” projects and “fixes” that were done by homeowners and unqualified workers. When I go to a job I try to discreetly find out if the homeowner had done some of the “fixes” (that need correcting) and say as little as possible about them, so I don’t offend them (this often results in many swollen lips and tongues as I often must bite my mouth parts to not say anything).  I am currently working on a large deck with a roof.  The first part of the project was tearing down the existing deck, 1/2 of which was built by the homeowner.  How the deck stood as long as it had, amazed even me.   deck

This last job has been interesting and VERY trying, as it seems that my rebuilding of the deck is undergoing too much scrutiny and criticism by the homeowner.   I can assure you, as I often have to do him, it is a VERY well built deck (often having to go through the whole process of how a part is constructed and held in place, showing all the nails, screws and lags that keep everything in place).  I have wanted to say several times,  ”Excuse me, but wasn’t that part of the deck that was falling down built by YOU?”   Partway through the project I started wishing that I had passed on this job.  I got to the point where I started questioning God on why He let me do it.  As I thought on this He started breaking through some mindsets and habits that I had allowed to slip in and become a part of me.   My questioning then switched to “God, couldn’t You have helped me out of this mess instead of him?”  To which I felt He replied, “I Am.”

In Corinthians it says that we “are the temple of the Holy Ghost”.  It started me thinking we are His house, His dwelling place…  I know when a problem arises in my house, I don’t look at the house and say, “HEY! We have a leaky faucet down here, I want it fixed!”  Nope, it gets put on the to do list and depending on the severity of the problem and how much it inconveniences me determines the speed to which it gets repaired.  Does God look at us and say, “Hey fix it!”? (to be continued…)


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